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Vreemde waarnemingen tussen Schiedam en Delft – gemengde digitale en pen technieken. Driehoeks samenwerking in tijd met Alfred Stevens (1823=1906) en Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675)

Surrealism NL

Surrealism the website from Dutch surrealist Willem den Broeder. Here you will find all the work in many disciplines of this artist, but also links to surrealists from all over the World, from past to present.

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“Text texet xeten story’s what automatism or instinctively writing frequently have the result of blue text appear like the sole of my left foot without skin but covered with cornea so that swimming would be supple in syrup seawater in Iceland with a diving equipment as a three-piece suit in black with top hat and give me hundred grams smoked ham please “©WdB


There where birth died
in bright red light
Birds become horses
Galloping between
sea and moon



De herhaling van de theepot The repetition of the teapot

With surrealism, the visual and textual imagination is detached from the mind and logic, so that the subconscious mind is able to create revealing, suggestive representations. Coincidence determines that absurd, illusionary fantasies arise in both 2- and 3-dimensional images or surrealist texts. It is the purely automatic thought with which one intends to express the essential working of thought.
On this website you can find the many disciplines that surrealism is rich!

Dreams were used by Freud to help his patients, but they were told to the Surrealists so that everyone could enjoy it. Surrealists are convinced of the possibility of free association of ideas, whereas Freud correctly argued that these associations were not at all free, because they would be influenced by the subconscious.
I must admit that the influence of the subconscious is very great!
-W den Broeder-


Do not paint what you can photograph! ©WdBroeder2000



The Deer Automatic drawing on Arjeplog lake


De Koning van het onderbewuste.


Automatische tekening inkt en kalk


Het zwaard van koolstof gelei


BrainChain (WdBroeder©️2001)



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